Trump star vandal ordered to pay $4,400 fine

The person who vandalized then-presidential prospect Donald Trump’s superstar on the Hollywood Walk of Popularity has pleaded no competition to the offense, in line with the Los Angeles State Region Attorney’s Office.

Adam Lambert Otis, 53, of Western world Hollywood pleaded to 1 felony count up of vandalism for by using a pick-ax and a sledgehammer in Oct to smash Trump’s superstar, prosecutors said in an assertion Wednesday.

He was purchased to pay $3,700 to the Hollywood Historic Trust and $700 to the Hollywood Chamber of Business for the destruction, as well as sentenced to 3 years of probation and 20 times of help Caltrans.

Amid the presidential marketing campaign, Trump’s Hollywood legend became a flashpoint, prompting scuffles and protests until the Nov near-daily. 8 election.

On the first day of Oct. 26, Otis vandalized the star. Video tutorial of the occurrence was registered by an associate of the press as Otis removed Trump’s gold-colored name and the television set custom logo from the sidewalk in the 6800 stop of Hollywood Boulevard.

Otis made headlines following the video footage traveled virally immediately.

That day later, he informed the Southern California Media Group that he vandalized the legend because he was “saddened and completely fed up by Mr. Trump,” through the presidential campaign.
Otis, who flips homes for a full-time income, announced another week that he’d sue Trump and the Hollywood Chamber of Business to really have the star removed since it had turned into a distraction.

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In a succeeding interview, he lamented that the celebrity was “costing the location money,” discussing efforts to eliminate profanity, swastikas, and stickers that folks continued to put on the repaired tourist attraction newly.

Otis said at the right time he hoped his consequence would be “good.”

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