What is the significance of Dreams

What are dreams- People of the early civilization thought dreams to be a medium between humans and Gods. Some thought dreams could predict the future. But scientists felt it be a thinking process, a continuation of a person’s thoughts from the day. The brain is full of the day’s happenings and continues until we fall asleep. Dreaming it is said takes place during the  REM cycle or the Rapid Eye Movement  Cycle of the sleep. The thoughts now continue in the form of symbols and metaphors instead of words.

The renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud studied dreams and revealed that dreams are  ‘wish fulfillment’ or symbolic messages of unconscious or unknown wants or desires. Dreams often tell a story and most dreams we recall have a  significance to it. They are crucial for our emotional and mental well-being. They can be a source to solve our problems which are emotion-related.

Let us find out the interpretations of things we see in our dreams-

Being chased- chase dreams help us to understand that we are not paying attention to something important going on in our waking life which needs our attention.

Water- this represents our emotions. The quality of water clear vs cloudy; calm vs turbulent provides an insight into how well we are managing our emotions.

Vehicles– vehicles in our dream reflect what direction we feel our life is taking. Vehicles can highlight the obstacles we think we are facing and how to manage them.

Falling– this is linked to anxieties & insecurities in our life and could signify something in our life is amiss. It could even signify failure in life. Slow falling while dreaming may indicate calmness and the act of letting go of something.

Taking a test or sitting for an interview- if a person finds oneself running in empty classrooms, halls, buildings finding where they are supposed to go and can’t find their way could mean being judged  or the person isn’t able to face a challenge while awake or it may even signify the person has forgotten or neglected something.

Flying- maybe the person is feeling on top of the world or he has control over something in his life or has gained a new perspective about something. It may even mean being strong-willed and confident in life. If one experiences a struggle while flying this could indicate some obstacle in a person’s life to control things. If one experiences fear to fly in a dream this could mean fear of not being able to face challenges in life.

People- seeing different people in the dream is a reflection of the different aspects of oneself. Specific people in a dream relate to existing relationships or interpersonal issues one needs to work upon.

Paralysis- people who dream about paralysis can indicate that these people lack control in their waking life.

Death- this is perceived as a negative sign but it may indicate something positive. The end of one thing to give way to the new or it may mean new beginnings.

Baby- it may indicate something new- a new idea, new project or growth potential in a specific area in our waking life.

Food- this could indicate energy, knowledge & nourishment and this is directly related to our intellect, emotions & spirituality. It may be an indication of hunger for new information or insights.

Snake-  to see one or being bitten by one indicates fears and worries threatening a person. It may be a kind of wake up call for something one is unaware of or that hasn’t come to the fore yet.

Murder- the dream of having committed a murder signifies anger for oneself or at someone. If one witnesses murder then this could signify deep-seated anger towards someone. If one sees oneself being murdered it could signify severing of an important relationship.

Seeing a dead relative– one wishes to see the person again.

Horses- indicates a feeling of more freedom in life.

So it can be said dreams have psychological importance in our life.


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