Types of Dreams

My earlier article(What is the significance of Dreams) dealt with dreams and dream symbols. The world of dreams is fascinating. So going more into the dream world we will find out about the different types of dreams we get. What those dreams interpret.


One spends 70-120 minutes per day-daydreaming. This is the time period between the conscious and sleep state when one’s mind wanders and one fantasizes about different things. Sometimes one goes into the past and sometimes into the future.

Lucid dreams:

These dreams take place when we wake up while dreaming. In that waking state one tries to enjoy the dream and tries to explore the dream in that state.


These cause a person to wake from sleep with a start. These cause anxiety to the person and a person’s heart rate increases due to fear. People don’t want to fall asleep thinking of the memory of the dream. These nightmares are a signal to people to let the past go if they are dealing with a crisis or trauma. These nightmares will disturb a person till the time he doesn’t overcome his problems and frees his mind from the past. Once his mind clears he won’t be perturbed about seeing nightmares.

Recurring dreams;

These types of dreams keep recurring for weeks or maybe months on some irrational thing. Sometimes these dreams can be frightening as people don’t try to accept certain life problems. These will keep coming and troubling a person like a nightmare until the person doesn’t accept the real-world situation. Once he can grapple with the problem, he won’t be disturbed by these kinds of dreams.

Dreams about healing:

If one sees these things in dreams they represent healing. Vehicle doors, lower and upper rooms of a house signify body aspects and indicate about health &happiness. The front door can represent arms while the back door can represent legs. The lighting of a house can indicate neurological issues, water or plumbing issues can indicate psychological problems. The top floor of a room indicates the head and other rooms in the lower part of the house indicate lower body parts.

If one sees treasure being protected it can indicate quelling the root of some kind of illness. Dreams of key searching can indicate wellness. Sometimes before the manifestation of a disease a warning can come in the form of a dream. One should be alert if one sees such dreams.

Prophetic dream:

These dreams are those which give us a peek into the future. One wants to keep a record of these kinds of dreams and interpret them.

Precognitive dreams:

These are psychic dreams which can foretell the future.

Warning dreams:

These can alert us of any dangers or problems which may be lurking ahead. We can be prepared and deal with it calmly.

Life-changing dreams:

These are cosmic dreams with mythological associations. These can be vivid and one can remember them for years. These can show some message for future and can help change life course.

One can keep a diary and write about their dreams. Gradually learn to interpret these dreams.


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