Yes! you can erase those bad memory from your brain

Memory is the most important things of any person’s life. Everyone wants to live with a good memory, but bad memory often disturbs people and people want to get rid of it. There will be many such bad memories in your life, which you had not forgotten until today. Many memories are so painful that it is very difficult to live with them. But the bad memory that has been stored in your mind can be removed, yes! they can be erased forever.

In fact, all of us have Glial Cells in our brain, These cells give signals to our system cells. They are also called Microglial Cells. During our sleep, those things are placed in the brain, which we think too much of these cells. Apart from this, whatever new things we learn every day, it also gets stored in the brain in a systematic manner because of these cells.

Suppose you get a phone from the office that you have to work on a new project, and after few minutes suddenly you have a fight with your partner. Now instead of paying attention to new projects, you will think more about the fight, which happens with any normal person. This quarrel will become so bad that it will be a bad memory forever.

That’s right if you forget this fights. Just want to focus on your work, instead of thinking more about the fight, think more about the project. After a while, the unwanted issue will always be deleted from your side.

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You can do this thing every day. To eliminate any bad memories, focus more on good things. Automatic bad memories will never dominate your brain. Now it depends on you that you want to replace bad memories in your life, or good.

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