Christmas Party

Hey friends, only two days left for the Christmas. What are your plans? Are you done with the decoration and food? However, I think you have made plans for your party. I think you are sorted for Christmas party. Let me guess. What about the Christmas games? You have decided anything for the games. I think is important for a Christmas party. Christmas party and as well as any other party. How much you enjoy food and dance. Games increase the enjoyment of the party. You may be worried about the games. Not to worry my friend. I am here for you.

Here are the 10 Best Christmas Games for a Christmas Party

1. Reindeer Wrap

• You need brown crepe paper and reindeer headband.
• Two or more players can play the game.
• Make a team of two players each.
• Player has wrapped the brown crepe paper from head to toe to the teammate.
• Put the reindeer headband on the band to complete the game.
• It is a time limit game.
• The team who finishes the game first is the winner.

2. North Pole Pop

• Things required for the game are winter gloves and holiday balloons.
• Two or more players can play the game.
• Players have to pop 10 balloons.
• Use winter gloves to pop the balloons.

3. Elf Toss

• You need the things for the game is holiday buckets and plastic elves.
• Two or more players can play the game.
• Player has to toss plastic elves in the holiday buckets.

4. Toy Touch Town

• You need Plastic Christmas ornaments, Christmas basket, duck tape and pantyhose for the game.
• Two or players can play the game.
• Make a team of two players.
• One player has to pass the Christmas ornaments between his legs.
• Player has to throw the ornaments in the bucket tied on the back of another player.

5. Marshmallow Munch

• You need mini marshmallows, hot chocolate and small cups.
• Two or more players can play the game.
• Player has to eat all the marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.
• It is a kind of race.

6. Merry Fishmas

• You need chopstick, large candy cane and small candy canes.
• Two or more players required for the game.
• Tie the large candy cane to the end of the chopstick.
• Hold the chopstick in their mouth.
• Take four small candy canes hanging on the edge of the table with the help of chopstick.
• A player who takes four candy canes wins.

7. Candy Cane Catch

• You need Christmas tinsel, chairs and candy canes.
• Two players can play the game.
• Tie a ribbon between two chairs.
• Give candy canes to each player.
• Now the two players should stand on the chair.
• Drop the candy cane on the ribbon.
• Let the candy cane stay on the ribbon.

8. All through the house

• A need for items for the game is Christmas related things.
• Hide all the Christmas related things in the house.
• Players need to search the items.
• The one who gets maximum Christmas items wins the game.

9. Mistletoes

• You need Christmas tinsel, chairs and artificial mistletoe.
• Hang a ribbon between two chairs.
• Players have to sit on the ground.
• Each player should get mistletoe.
• The player should hang the mistletoe in a sitting position.
• The player who hangs the maximum mistletoe wins the game.

10. I want a Hula-Hoop

• You need hula-hoops and Christmas cups.
• Two or more players can compete.
• Give a hula-hoop and five Christmas cups to every player.
• Players have to roll the hula- hoop to the pile of Christmas cups and knock them down.
• The one who finishes the game first wins the game.

The Bottom Line- These best 10 Christmas games can rock your party. You may like to play these games. Some of these games are group games and individual games. You are welcome to share your experiences of the Christmas games. I waiting for your responses.

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