5 Moments you want disappear from your family functions

Sometimes you have stuck in some awkward situation in your family. In fact, in this situation, you try to make excuses to skip your family functions. Moreover, you make such funny excuses. You laugh at them when you are alone. Somehow, your mom forces or with the request of cousins you have to join your family functions. You are trying to enjoy the function. In the meantime, chacha, chachi, mausi or bua come up with some silly questions that you want to disappear from there.

Here you can find these hilarious moments that make you giggle a lot.

Are you looking someone bride or groom?

Many times, I have faced this silly question. When are you getting married? Are you looking someone for you? When have decided to settle down? This kind of silly questions irritates me. Aunties of my locality or my relatives ask me. I feel run away from there. Even you may be tired of such silly questions and social service of looking a boy or girl.

Dance with me

Are you a good dancer or not? This can be an awkward situation for you. Someone asks to dance with them. However, this situation is not awkward for me because I like to dance. In fact, the embarrassing situation in the family function if someone asks you to dance and you are not a good dancer.

Sharma Ji says, your son Rahul is as old as your daughter

I want to be invisible from this situation. Here in this situation, others are becoming a matchmaker for you. No, I have not decided to marry Sharma Ji boy.

What is your salary?

Some relatives are very nosey, as they want to know about your salary. In fact, they make guess about your bank balance and savings. However, you can let them guessing by saying “I earn much to pay my bills.” I can assure you that you may not encounter these types of questions again.

Are you losing weight?

Most of the times, I have faced this silly question. Are you losing weight? I feel shameful of my thin body. Oh, my god, I want to escape from this situation.
Well, most of you think that family functions are fun. However, you encounter such situations relatives come up with silly situations to upset your mood. Moreover, these questions make you laugh and irritate you a lot. Thus, this is your family.

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