Facts that you never read

1. Banana helps us to swell and itching of mosquito bites.

2. If you are looking for something in the room. The right way is to find something to start the right-hand side. This increases the chances of getting something in less time.

3. If you have forgotten an assignment to email, please send it by changing the setting on your computer date.

4. Often the Favorite song you hear is a significantly reduced risk of brain tumours.

5. If Scratches come in your phone then put a little toothpaste.

6.If someone is kidnapped and tie his hands’ Tape stick over the mouth. He should lick to remove the sticking tape. The tape will fall down.

7. If you think someone is giving you the wrong number. To test, let them read it by changing some Digit. if he doesn’t make it right its means that number he gave is Incorrect.

8. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Roberts Milicent.

9. Ants never sleep.

10. Alexander Graham Bell, who had discovered the telephone, has never called his wife and mother because they were both deaf.

11. The elephant is the only animal that can not jump.

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12. Smells from your socks? keep them in a freezer overnight. Bacteria will die from the cold and the Smell will cease from the socks.

13. If you want to change Celsius to Fahrenheit then You should Make Double of Celsius number and add 28 in it.

14. If you are not able to sleep, then let’s start the countdown from 99. Often Count to 50 before you will be asleep.

15. In the dark, if you want to see close an eye. Let’s open this eye in the dark You’ll be able to see through these eyes in the dark.

16. While Charging, Using your mobile it can damage your battery. that’s why the wire of charger make it so short.

17. Beer bath makes your skin supple.

18. When you tell a lie, your nose becomes hot.

19. If cats rub their face with any object. that’s mean cats understand object their own thing.

20. The average person breathes 50 million times a year.

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