Actor Dhanush Got Relief In Court, Where Couple Claim To Be His Parents

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A medical report submitted to the Madras High Court can be a relief for the South Indian film superstar Dhanush because the reports of the elderly couple who tell themselves the parents of Dhanush are incorrect. Claiming to be a biological parent of Dhanush, the couple, who demanded monthly expenses of Rs 65,000, had submitted the evidence, which said that the actor had a mole on the left side of the neck, and a mark of cutting on the left elbows is. According to the medical report, both of these marks are not on the actor’s body.

63-year-old Katrissan and Meenakshi had claimed that Dhanush was his son, who had fled from the hostel at that time when he was studying in class 11th, and he wanted the bow to pay him 65,000 rupees per month. He had also filed a certificate of 10th standard in the form of evidence, in which he was referring to these marks.

Lawyers of Dhanush claimed that it is an attempt to make money from the actor. On February 28, the Madurai Bench of the High Court had ordered Madurai Medical College to investigate whether or not the actor has a scanned mark on his body or not. Doctors were asked to tell whether these marks could be erased in such a way that they could not know their existence.

The actor was examined by Dean of Medical College and Vice-Principal in the Chamber of the Judicial Registrar of the High Court on the same day. Madurai Bench Justice PN Prakash studied the report on Tuesday, and now he will take up the matter on March 27.

According to the report, doctors have not found any marks on the body of the actor, whose certificate was in the certificate given by the couple. Doctors have also told that sesame is possible to be erased with laser technique, but no trace marks can be erased, although their size may decrease.

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The couple had claimed that the boy ran away from the hostel while studying in class 11, and then the film director was working as a domestic servant to Kasturi Raja. Significantly, the Kasturi king is considered to be the father of the bow. The couple also claimed that after the success of Dhanush as a film actor, Kasturi Raja’s family accepted him as a son.

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