Old cushion may also spoil health

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Many people do not sleep without pillows. As the pillow is as soft, the better sleep. But if we do not maintain the proper functioning then it can also give the disease. If you do not pay proper attention to cleaning pillows, there may be problems like infections, pain, and sleepiness. If you look at the more in this post ahead, you will know the harmful effect old cushion damage.

If the pillow is old, then first see how much dirt is deposited on it. Apart from this, you do not have trouble with it while sleeping. That is, if you feel pain in the neck, back, ankles or knees in the neck when you wake up in the morning, then understand that there is a need to change the pillow.

Polyester is the most famous and cheap, these clusters containing clusters you can wash in the washing machine. They should be changed in two years.

The latex pillow is very comfortable; you can use it for 10-15 years.

– Memory foam pillow is also very comfortable because it fits head and neck shape itself on the floor.

If your hair is wet, do not lie on the pillow, because the bacteria grow faster and more in the wet place.

– Take care of its cover with a pillow. The cover is such that the dust does not reach the inside. It would be better to wash it for a few days.

– Do not mess on pillows and keep cleaning regularly

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If there is a pet in the house, then bacteria come to the cushion through them. These bacteria enter the body through respiration and may have respiratory disorders such as asthma. Apart from this, you may also be allergic due to them.

Even if you have an attachment to the old pillow and do not sleep without it, it can also cause the pillow infection. Bacteria and dust accumulate in the old pillow. If the pillows are not placed properly under the head, this disease can also be given. Dirt stored on pillows can cause problems like infection and pain.

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