The Aurangzeb – Another side of history


We all know about Mughal empire and their rulers. When we think about Mughals the first glance which
came in our mind is of large mansions and beautiful monuments, whether it is Taj Mahal , Lal Qila or
Himanyun’s Tomb. We all consider The Great Akbar was the best ruler of Mughal dynasty and
Shahjahan great builder and Salim as the ruler of peace and justice. We conclude Babar as the
Dynasty maker and Hymayun as a brave warrior who establishes Mughal empire again after the
conquer of Sher Shah Suri. We conclude Bahadur Shah Zafar as the last emperor of mughal dynasty.
But what we know about Auranzeb (Alamgir) is the he was the most cruel ruler, one who tortures
the innocent people, who destroyed temples , the man who arrested his own father (Shahjahan)
,and killed his own four brothers.
That all what textbooks told us about Aurangzeb! Historians mark him as the brutal killer.
But i object its not right at all, textbooks tell us very few about him and historians take him wrong.
In fact Aurangzeb was the only great ruler of mughal empire!
I m going to prove it.

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We said that Akbar was the greatest ruler only because that he had lift all the religious barrel and
developed the good system of roads and communications.
We said Jahangir (Salim) was good because he had carrying on the rules and regulations of Akbar.
We consider Shahjahan a good emperor because he had gifted us with beautiful cites, buildings,
monuments and mansions.
But we consider Aurangzeb as a bad ruler because he was religious, let me tell you that nor
Aurangzeb was bad neither following Islam is bad. We think so because the English historians had
carried on their specific way to tell history of Muslim rulers and the process was that he tell about
every ruler is that “ he was good ruler but he followed Shariah (the Islamic constitution which
includes rules and regulations of Islam). The whole story they wanted to tell people that following
Shariah makes a ruler racism .
They have ignored all the good works of Aurangzeb. No one would tell you that Aurangzeb had
reconstructed the Jagan Nath puri temple . When the temple got damaged in lightening, the priests
of temple went to Aurangzeb and speaks out the problem then he ordered his ministers to pay all
the amount which used in its reconstruction.
Historians tells us only that he had destroyed temples but no one mentioned that why he had
ruined temples? The truth is bitter but we have to accept it. Some evils use that holy place to fulfil
their bad deeds to fulfil their basic instincts. They used temples as their hideout. The fact is that
Aurangzeb ruined temples because some evils were using it as sex racket. They run their own
business in which they fulfil their thrust of sex.
He captured Shahjahan because he had spent people’s huge wealth for his own personal uses. He
had built Taj Mahal for his wife not for people but we still admire him and we criticize Aurangzeb
because he had always think about country and countrymen first.

The India which we are looking today from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is due to of him.
Instead of praising him for his wonderful achievements, we abuse him. That’s injustice !!!.