Do you know how was people entertain 1500 years ago?

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It is the common opinion of the people that Battle of bulls took place in countries of Europe And there was no tradition in India, but the entrance gate of Tiwari Dev Vihar of Sirpur has come to light. There is a clear illustration of bull battle. Senior Archeologist and Advisor, Padmashree Dr. Arun Sharma said that there are several such proofs which confirm that in ancient times, Chhattisgarh was ahead in the fight for animal sacrifices, because the view of the battle of bulls has not been obtained from any other excavation of India.

Dr. Sharma said that the depiction of the battle of bulls in the excavation of Sirpur It’s about 1500 years old. Archaeology experts believe that Thousands of years ago, when the technology was not fully developed, But the existence of humanity was present so obviously that He must have been organizing such games for his entertainment.

According to Dr. Sharma, Illustrations in the excavation of Tevar Dev Vihar of Sirpur It seems to him that Chhattisgarh had a tradition of animal fighting for the entertainment of people since ancient times. Dr. Sharma believes that if you looked at the above-mentioned illustration so it can be assumed that the person’s bull is being defeated in the scene and in desperation, he is seen to promote his bull behind.
Said by Dr. Sharma,” Chhattisgarh has witnessed evacuation of animals from 1,500 years ago. Even today, poultry is fought in special festivals of Bastar division. Even sharpen arms are tied in the limbs. How many such practices are which can be exposed by excavation.”

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It is worth mentioning that excavation of Sirpur in Chhattisgarh started around 2008. The very history of Chhattisgarh has been suppressed. The whole Chhattisgarh has archived innumerable mysteries and adventures from the archaeological point of view. It is necessary that in a planned manner digging scientifically in large archaeological sites of Chhattisgarh. A lot of effort has been made at the government level for some years after becoming a state. There was also success in it.

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