How to avoid negative self talk? 8 effective ways

Here are 8 effective ways to quiet your negative self talk:

1. Listen to what you are telling yourself as if you were telling it to different people-

None of us might ever communicate to anyone the way we communicate to ourselves. We are too frequently negative, condescending, and simply outright rudely. Learn to treat yourself with the equal patience, compassion, and respect you will give to another man or woman.

2. Don’t forget, someone is listening-

In case your self-talk is positive, you will have positive thoughts and actions; if it is negative, it’s going to create negative thoughts and actions and, most probably, negative consequences.

3. Be conscious of what you say-

Reconsider your thoughts. Once in a while repeating an idea more than once and clearly paying attention to what we’re saying is enough to snap us back into reality. Through the years, work to build more steady conscious attention of how you communicate to yourself

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4. Stop judging yourself-

From time to time our judgment is distorted and our thoughts become warped into negativity. If you have a tendency to choose yourself harshly, the best way to tame the negative self talk is to ask others how they see you and concentrate on what they are saying. You might be amazed! Another method is to ask yourself how you’d consider a person with about the equal degree of talent, capability, and accomplishments.

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5. Accept your imperfections-

No person is perfect, and the sooner you are aware of it, the better off you’ll be. All of us have strengths and weaknesses. If you choose to pay attention to your weaknesses rather than your strengths, you may spend a lifetime feeling that you can never level up.

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