Why do people in India blindly follow a so called self proclaimed god man or god woman?

It is a very important question raising in most of our minds that why we give a normal human being as an honour of God, being unaware of the fact that the person who is wearing orange or white dress considering himself or herself as a “Saanth”. The main problem of the people of our country is blindly following the crowd or “Bheedth Chaal” without things about right or wrong just blindly follow.“Saanyasi” or “Saanth” the person who has no greed of luxury and money. Why can’t we see that to the person we consider baba or devi are actually deserving. All of us have smartphones and aware of the latest technology then why this kind of thinking?
Your life is being controlled by a baba or devi. If someone has the answer please give. If no then try to find out. Hope so you will get. Nowadays newspapers and news channels are full of the news about Ram Rahim, Radhe Maa and much more. I think it has become a business high return on investments. Sorry if I hurt anybody feelings. You all see that how the Baba and Devi are dressed and use luxury cars to move around. They need this kind of materialistic things. Anyone have an answer?
You can see on TV about there Ashrams and dera’s what kind of luxurious life they are living. The evil activities they are in indulging. It is been rightly said that “karamo ka faal hum mein yahi bhagugatna padta hai”. No one of us has no strong will power to put a light on the evil activities of such baba and devi. Kyu hai itna daar. Fear of dying. All of us have to die one day or another but before coming to our dead date we should do something right for the society. I want to ask the blind followers of such Baba’s and Devi if you ever asked them why they are asking money from you and what they do with the money? A large amount of money is wasted in their luxuries which come from the income earned with hard work and dedication. If you want to contribute to a noble cause then help the needy, work for the upliftment of the underprivileged. I don’t understand one thing when it came about Ram Rahim then many of the followers ran away from the dera then their family members send them to the dera forcefully. It is shocking see the dera how it has been building.

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Take out the cloth of trust tied on your of the baba and the devi. This is the time to take action. Salute to the one who come to fight against baba and devi who are wrong. I cannot do something good for them try not to criticise. We all have heard about Sai Baba he was the real saanth he lived in a cave and go homes and beg its people which to give something to him or not. The reason behind writing this article was not to hurt anybody religious feelings. It mainly focuses to beware of such baba and devi.

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