Yesterday, 14 September 2017 marked with the golden words in the history of the Indian Railways. The dream of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to reality by 2022. India is on the way to adopt bullet train and the work has been started the first project inaugurated of a high-speed train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai by Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The support of Japan we will get a high-speed train. My motive is not to talk about the statistics like what will the cost, why this route line of Mumbai and Ahmedabad has been chosen. We all are aware of that from two days the news channels are flooded off with the news regarding Bullet train and Japan Prime Minister visit.

My question is why it has taken so long almost more than 60 years of coming off the bullet train?Think for a while we not like change for the benefit of the country. This is a big issue to give a thought.We are always blaming our system and saying “Iss Desh Ka Kuch Nahi ho Sakta”. The person who says this line Kyun Kuch Nahi ho Sakta? We have the potential, capability and resources the need is that to make the proper use of the resources.

We all are aware of the current situation of the railways. Last trains by more than 12 hours at the time of fog in winters, train accidents Indian railways has become accident prone by this year only Many serious rail accidents have happened causing huge loss of life and property. The railway’s platform cleanliness, availability of toilets, clean drinking water and the most important aspect safety for the people who are travelling in the trains. Double lines tracks, electrification and proper railway crossing is not available in most of the parts of the country. When the trains canceled difficulty for taking the refunds. Now we are dreaming of bullet trains running on the tracks we are allowed to dream.

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Is it be relevant with the lag of unavailability of the basic facilities in the railway. We are using worn out the technology. Most of the time news is there regarding the carelessness of the railways and surveys are been conducted to put forward the real picture of the railways towards the government of our country. The announcements made at the time of railway budget and the funds allotted for different schemes. We the citizens really care about where are the funds have been invested and the schemes announced how much work is completed on them.Always complaining in our country one best thing government did RTI (Right to Information Act) file an RTI and you will get to know about the information you want. We have seen the real face of Indian Railways.

At last, I want to ask can India afford bullet train?

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