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Vote…. but Whom to…..?

Election season is underway. Every candidate is doing overtime is to entice to Public and Money is being shed like water and promises to rain. Often, we are lamenting that our leaders are not good. They are dishonest. They spend the country’s money by illegitimate ways. They don’t play their Responsibility honestly.

Indeed, voters are also responsible for all this. Today, People are choosing their leader on the wrong basis. People choose their leaders on the basis of favoritism. They are expected to benefit their caste or candidate should be living in his city or from in his caste etc. In a democracy, it is something dangerous.

On the other side, those people are responsible, who doesn’t ballot. Because they are giving a chance to grow by choosing a wrong candidate. Evil not only increasing when the bad guys are more whether than Evil is still growing when Good people are silent.

The vote is a big responsibility. We will pay all our responsibility to correct then Our leader will be right on its own. Our first responsibility is that we should cast a vote. Today worldwide, All Brainy Community are fully voting. For example, American Jewish vote will have 100%. Because of this, their political parties understand their weight and Give them importance.

This is the second and important responsibility we should vote for that candidate who can able to do their responsibility and he is not selfish. And be sure that we are choosing the candidate he will do their responsibility honestly. We have a moral responsibility. Giving vote is a testimony. Which means that I am going to vote for that candidate who is to worth more than the other candidates.
Just for their private interests to vote for the wrong man, is not a minor mistake but it is a very dangerous thing. It is a crime against the whole society. Because Bad leaders are spoiling the whole society.

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One could say that all the candidates are bad who should we vote?

The answer is that You should vote him that are lesser bad. When You will choose a lesser bad candidate then good people will come into politics & I do not need to say that When the good guys will come in our Politics then nothing can stop this country to became a paradise. This is in your hand, please must cast the vote and give the vote to the right candidate. Leave the private interest in this matter.

This is the best Thinking about politics. You liked or did not It is Ur Thinking but my opinion is that must vote.

Jai Hind

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