Coconut oil hair secrets. Three best hair masks

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Coconut oil is one of the most popular basic oils, which are proved to be very effective, natural, hypoallergenic and very «tasty» means for nails, skin and body care. As a universal beauty product, it has been used since the ancient times in the countries of South-East Asia. It is especially popular in India and Thailand. Moreover, it is used both as an independent means for skin care and hair and as a useful component for natural cosmetics with aromatic oils.

What are the main benefits of coconut oil

  • It has a large number of triglycerides, which stimulate the growth of hair;
  • Antibacterial properties of oils provide the skin with a treatment of all kinds of skin infections;
  • It can penetrate deep into the hair shaft and follicle, and it explains its effectiveness;
  • It can cope with all kinds of problems of the scalp;
  • It can be a very powerful way of getting rid of dandruff in both children and adults;
  • It kills lice;
  • A regular use of oil reduces the occurrence of the bald head.

Coconut oil hair secrets. Three best masks

Coconut oil is obtained from copra, a dried pulp of coconuts. The exceptional properties of healing skin and hair are the result of its unique composition. It consists of fatty acids and vitamin E (tocopherol) that are so necessary for our body. This tropical product perfectly nourishes and moisturizes our body, relieves itching and irritation of the scalp, it is able to intensively repair the damaged cells and protects them from the sun, wind, cold. It also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, it helps to heal the wounds and stimulates the immune system.
Today we will talk about using this natural product for the treatment of problem hair.

Masks from coconut oil for split ends

It is especially beneficial to use this oil for the recovery of severely damaged hair. If the situation is deplorable, apply just a little bit heated in a water bath or melted in the hands oil on the hair on the whole length before washing it. In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, hold the head d under a warm towel for 30-40 minutes. Then wash it 1-2 times with your usual shampoo. If only the tips are split, you will need just a few drops of the product.
The first way is to apply it on the tips immediately after a shower until they are still damp. Rub three to five drops in the hands and carefully put on the damaged tips.

The second method is to apply the product on the tips before going to bed and leave it for the whole night.

Coconut oil for hair growth

coconut oilIf you regularly use such masks, the hair will fall out less and grow faster. Of course, if the cause of its loss is not caused by serious internal reasons and problems with health. However, in this case, coconut oil can significantly improve its general condition and appearance.

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Masks made of oils help to restore the structure of the hair. Thanks to the intense hydration and nutrition it becomes stronger and resilient and less broken. It heals the scalp rapidly. All these things help to speed up its growth.

Coconut oil mask for died and bleached hair

This natural product restores our body very well. However, if you want to save the brightness of color, keep in mind: natural oils «wash» and weaken a coloring pigment, and your colour may become darker much faster than you want. However, as a «first aid» for colored, bleached and chemical curled hair coconut oil is an indispensable remedy. Apply it on the entire surface if you wish you can add essential oils as well, for example, rose oil or jasmine, etc.

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