Don’t eat these things an empty stomach

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By the way, fruit and vegetables are considered to be good for health, but there are some fruits and vegetables like that should not eat them with an empty stomach. Similarly, many other things eat them with an empty stomach can bad effect to your health.

Never eat on an empty stomach


Tomatoes are high in acid. If you eat tomatoes empty stomach the acid in the stomach will start the reaction. After reacting with chemicals already present in the stomach acid elements that will make it which may have appendicitis. As it is assumed to be responsible for the calculus tomatoes Vitamin A, C, K, folic acid and contains significant amounts of potassium. Tomatoes in the cholesterol, calories, and sodium empty stomach damage. So avoid eating this with an empty stomach.


Though bananas are considered good for health. Bananas have very magnesium in it. If the banana is eaten on an empty stomach the amount of magnesium in the body is increased suddenly. Calcium and magnesium it begins to cause the problem of gastric acid. For this reason also seems to be having heartburn. Therefore, if stomach to eat banana eats it with milk.


Guava should never eat on empty stomachs. So should avoid eating a raw guava. It contains the seeds of guava and stone elements in the calculus may be seen as allies.

Lemon Soda:-
When it comes to soft drink lemon soda is considered the best. It is not sugar, mixed water lemon and ice refreshing drink soda.  This will give you energy but Lemon soda drinkers should take note it is much more carbonate acid. If you want a lemon soda empty stomach, so it will be energy storage problem.

Fried spicy things:-

If you get hungry more you find the market things. But keep in mind that the market has more things, not just oil and salt, among the many chemicals but also for long-term preservation are added. These chemicals can upset the digestion. These cause irritation in the stomach is very common.

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Tea and coffee also dangerous:-

Tea and coffee have Thein caffeine in it. Both when being consumed on an empty stomach is also harmful to health. Rather, it consists of the acid they can irritate the stomach.

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