The Democratization of technology

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The democratization of technology refers to a process by which access to technology continues at a rapid pace to become more accessible to more people. The upcoming new technologies and the improvements made by the technical industry considering the user experience on the use of the technical products used by the user. At a large scale, the consumers have developed an interest to access technologically sophisticated products, as well as give their maximum participation in the development of these kinds of products.

The innovation in the industry and association of the user demand which has provided with a large number of user-friendly and affordable products. The process is ongoing beginning with the process of mass production and increasing dramatically and digitization has made a commonplace.
The internet has played a critical role in today’s modern lifestyle. It has allowed the users to gain knowledge and get access to other technologies. Users can get to learn new developments more quickly and they can buy hi-tech products otherwise actively marketed by experts. Some have argued that Cloud computing has a major effect by allowing the user greater access through mobility and pay as you use capacity. Social media has also empowered and emboldened users to become users and critics of technological developments.
The democratization of technology has played a vital role in the strengthening the industry, now it has become easy for the industries to get feedback from the consumers of the products manufactured at a very lost cost or no cost. Some cases the technology is so complex to make the use of it there is need for skilled and trained personnel who can operate them.
The websites like youtube we can get to know about many things related to dance, music, creative ideas and many more. The videos are available in any language as the wish of the user can access them get to learn something new and interesting which he or she have never thought.
The coming of the latest technology has made easy for the public to know about the government schemes and the political parties which exist in our country. It is mandatory for the political parties to provide error-free information on the online platform. The Government of India is on its way to promote digitalization by “Digital India Campaign”.

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The access to technology to all has made the contribution to the development of the nation as well as the individual person who are making the use of it and getting the benefits out of it. Sometimes the advancements have also created a negative effect like loss of work in the audio industry. It is rightly said that occurrence of anything has good as well as bad consequences.

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