6 Unexpected Facts about Love You Always Wanted to Know

People are constantly looking for love. This is something we can’t live without. Even in the 21st century we still can’t comprehend the workings of love. Throughout the history of mankind, people have tried to solve the mystery of love. But in vain. There are so many unexplainable things about this the most beautiful feeling in the world. Despite this, we managed to do a small research and make up a list of facts that will shed light on this matter.

  1. Women’s preferences vary from country to country.
    The well-being of a particular nation influences women’s tastes in men. Women who live in the countries with high health rates prefer men with soft features, cities if you wish. Women from the countries where there are more dangerous diseases choose men with more masculine appearance. It can be explained by the importance of hereditary qualities necessary for survival. In those countries where people live longer, women like men with soft even “womanly” appearance. So take it into an account if you have any plans for interracial partnerships.
  2. Love makes food and drinks taste sweeter.
    The results of recent experiments conducted at the University of Singapore show that love “sweetens” your desserts. People associate the word “love” with something sweet. Even the thought about something romantic can make us perceive what we eat or drink sweeter than it is. The researchers assume this can be connected with the general functioning of the nervous system – our brains perceive both love and sweets as an award. The same part of the brain activates when people look at the photos of their romantic partners and when tasting sweets. Perhaps, if a person is in love, their brains conjure up associations with sweets, enhancing sweetness even of the sugar-free products.
  3. Men are more worried about the penile size than women.
    Many well-endowed men are concerned about the size of their penises, while men with not very large penises feel quite confident. No wonder, these worries are emotions that are similar to other manifestations of discount with one’s body. According to the latest surveys, women prefer large penises but to a certain length – not longer than 7,59 cm in a non-erect state. Preferences change depending on man’s height. Apart from it, big penises are a preference of women that experience vaginal orgasms. For other women, the size is of no consequence.
  4. Orgasms are more useful for your brain than crosswords and Sudoku.
    During orgasm, the blood flow intensifies and the brain gets more oxygen and nutrients. When you solve crosswords or Sudoku, only separate parts of the brain get activated while orgasm activates the whole brain. Some scientists believe that a close study of the mechanisms of orgasm, particularly the production of oxytocin – the hormone of happiness, can be used for treating depression, anxiety, and drug addiction.
  5. Narcissistic men get more attention from women and conquer them easier.
    Men who are prone to narcissism are confident, bold, they are more attentive to their appearance. As a result, they make a strong impression on women. In terms of psychology, women perceive narcissistic men as more successful and reliable thus better suited for creating a family. But the sad truth is that it’s only a beautiful cover – egocentric men are not made for serious long-term relationships that demand devotion.
  6. Sexual addiction doesn’t exist.
    What most people call sexual addiction isn’t actually an “addiction” from the medical point of view. This is a layman term for hypersexuality. Recent studies have proven that the reactions of people with hypersexuality to different images related to intimate life have nothing to do with the reactions of alcoholics to booze.

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