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How to prepare for a job interview

At an interview, a person has to give his best shot. He obviously will feel nervous but in order to outperform everyone else he has to shed his fears. He must present himself in the best possible way.

The key points which must be kept in mind while presenting yourself in an interview:

  • Know the organization and job for which you are applying. Review the job title and description and seek clarification.
  • Prepare questions you will ask during the interview.
  • Review the Question Most Often Asked by Employers in Job Interview and write out your answers to about ten of the most important ones.
  • Make certain of the interview date, time and location.
  • Punctuality: Being punctual is the foremost essential for a candidate. It is imperative that the candidate reaches the interview site well in time, half an hours or so before the scheduled time of the interview.
  • Appearance: Appearance forms an important aspect of candidate’s personality. In order to ensure a good impression, you must be wearing neat and clean clothes. Clothes should be formal and footwear should be well polished. Women should try to eliminate jewellery as much as possible.
  • Body Language: Many people do not know that even when they are sitting quietly, they might be revealing a lot about their personality through their body language. Body language is the language spoken through facial expression, gestures, postures etc.
  • Speech: The communication should be done in a most concise way. It does not imply speaking in a sweet mode, rather it should be clear and unambiguous. A person who speaks too much is often looked down upon as a gossip monger.
  • A skill of marketing oneself:  Interviewee can succeed only if he is able to sustain the interest of the interviewer. If an interviewer is not interested then no matter how good the candidate is, he would not be able to succeed. So interviewee must realise the area of interests and the psyche of the interviewer and try to mould the pattern of the interview in that way.

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