Four Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes

You know that breakfast is the first meal of the day. You need to have a tasty and healthy breakfast. However, it gives you the energy to work hard. Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Now people have started avoiding breakfast. This is the important agenda. You can adopt some delicious and easy to cook breakfast recipes. Therefore, that it can save your time.

Four Best easy and delicious breakfast recipes are as follows:

1. Bananas and Oats Smoothie

Take two wholesome banana pulps. Then two teaspoon oats and mix them. After that, add a glass of milk or yogurt with honey. Grind the mixture. You are Bananas and Oats Smoothie is ready. Whip it up this yummy smoothie. However, you get the energy to work for the day. Get the start of your day with the energy drink. What else you want?

2. Masala Idli

Are you confused? What can you do with yesterday night idli? However, you do not have to worry. I have an idea for you. By using my idea you can give a new look to your idle. You can make masala idli’s your breakfast for the next day. This sounds interesting. What you have to do? Take a pan. Put some oil and mustard seeds in it. Roast them for a few seconds. After that put some cut vegetables like onion, cabbage or whatever you like. Put the idli. Mix them well. Put the masala and salt. Your masala idli is ready. You can have it with green coriander chutney and sauce.

3. Spanish Omelet

It is easy to make Spanish omelet. Whisk two eggs. Mix them with chop garlic, onion, tomato and other leftover vegetables. After that add salt and pepper to taste. Put some oil in your pan. Then spread the mixture in the pan. It takes four to make the omelet. Your yummy omelet is ready.

4. Garlic Butter and Beans on the Toast

Brown bread is the healthy option for your breakfast. Take brown bread and roast it. Apply garlic butter or peanut butter on it. In the meantime, heat the canned beans. More, you can add dry chili flakes and a little salt to it. Your delicious and healthy breakfast is ready.

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Conclusion- These are the best and quick breakfast recipes. Even you can add more flavors to it. All these tasty dishes are good for health and give you the energy to work hard for the day. So you can pin down these breakfast recipes for you and family.

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