Amazing Meditation For Mental Health

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Since ancient times, meditation is used to be a part of mind refreshing techniques. Like we need physical exercise for good body health, our mind is also to be exercised. Meditation plays a great role as mind calmer as well as a refresher.

Now let’s talk about the mind. If I ask you what is MIND?? You will obviously say your brain is your mind. But actually not. The mind is not a thing but a “doing”. We think all of the time. If we make ourselves enough conscious and give attention to what we are thinking, we will observe a lot of thought that is happening by itself. Try it! You will be amazed.

Thus the mind is just but “minding”, a process. A never-ending process.
Now meditation is the way of getting into observing this process. There are a lot of meditation techniques you will find over the internet. But I will discuss here a simple one.

Sit in an erect position. Your spine should be straight, absolutely straight. Breathe some deep breaths. Don’t count them. Do it for a while. Now your breath will be more regular. Let it be. Let your breath be automatic. Don’t interfere in your breathing system. Now try to follow your breath. There is a gap, a short gap between every ascending and descending breathe. Try to locate it. Feel this gap. But again be aware! Don’t interfere in your breathing system. Let your system breathe. Don’t try to control the air.
By doing this regularly daily, you will feel that your mind is much calmer and serene. You will be more calm and relax in difficult situations. You will be more aware of your inner self.


  •  Choose a time when nobody can interfere with you. Usually in the early mornings.
  •  Never do it while laying down unless you need deep sleep.
  •  Try to be focused. Your mind will roam during the exercise. Don’t be hyper if you’re distracted. Just try again.
  • It will seem difficult in the beginning. But with the daily practice, you will enjoy it.

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