Government medical hospitals V/S Private medical hospitals

As patient count in govt. hospitals are always more than that in private ones. So, Govt. medical college students have more chance of gaining clinical knowledge. And of course cost of treatment is also less. But they lag behind the private ones in term of cleanliness. If we look at the new cases, then in BIHAR dogs on govt. hospital beds are reported which is shameful for the administrative and unhygienic for the patients. Govt. medical doctors think that they cannot be suspended from their duties,  they work in private clinics which is against the Indian law. AIIMS is number one hospital in INDIA. But if you go over there patient condition is worse than that in private ones. Because of high load of patients, many do not get beds after treatment and they have to wait for hours for their turn.

On the other hand, Private hospitals are better in terms of cleanliness and follow up, but they are earning money through illegal means. You all must have heard the recent news about FORTIS AND MAX HOSPITALS. Fortis hospital of Gurugram presented the bill of 15.5 lakhs to the parents of DENGUE patient, who was 7 years old only girl child of the family and died because of medical negligence. In her treatment Fortis broke many rules – If any dengue patient comes in private hospitals, then they have to register it with govt. hospital to keep the record of dengue attack in the region but Fortis didn’t follow this rule. Secondly, in presence of effective and cheap injections, they used costly ones without informing the family. Thirdly, they didn’t take signs on all consent forms and didn’t provide oxygen supply facility in the ambulance.

The second case is of Max hospital, 2 doctors declared twins dead but one of them was alive. Doctors packed twins in a polythene bag and handed them to the parents. But one of them showed some movement. Parents filed cased against them following this Max hospital license has been canceled. Patients prefer private hospitals because they have new technology machines which come late in govt. hospitals.

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Negligence is not only by private doctors but by govt. doctors also. It is upon the patient whether to raise voice against them or not. If you are not aware of the new technology or the procedure doctor is performing,  they will definitely take its advantage. This cleverness is not only by doctors but by everyone. So, be aware of the surroundings and happenings.

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