How the corruption starts and how it can be removed

A boy lost his purse and he goes to the nearest police station to file a report for loss of purse. That was his first time in my 22 years old age that he went to the police station. As he reached the police station he saw the police and tell him the problem. He pointed him to a corner and says him to meet “munsi ji”. He follows his instructions and meets to that person who is filling her entire mouth with the “pan”. He told that I have to file a report of my missing purse. He directly says me to give two hundred rupees. He gets totally stunned after listening to the sentence. Because he knows well that this is a bribe for writing the report and there is no any rule to take money to write a report. He asked him that for what he bribes me. He simply says,” if you don’t pay the money I am not going to write the report. He scolded him to do his complaint to the higher authority. He simply says “jao jao bhut dekhen tum jaise”. After coming out from that “munsi” corner that my purse has many important documents and that can be used for any bad things so this very necessary to report it in the police station. He went back to that corner and say him to write the report after taking out Rs.200 from his pocket. He first collected the Rs.200 and gives a sweet and winner smile with his red mouth.
He asked too many questions on his purse and finally write the report. As he completed to write his report he asked him that if someone has no money then that he could not write the report???? He simply answered with a joking tone that “sbko apni padi hai usko thodi si apni fikar hoti to wo kise bhi kar ke Rs.200 de dega” and start to laughing.
His last sentence makes him think on this topic. He wants to convey that thinking is his hobby. That thinking may be off enjoying full future or on social demerits and their cure is to think about his story. But that was a critical thinking on how the corruption starts and how it can be removed. And by this post, I want to share his thinking with you and pray for u all that if you want a good society that you all should have to follow my says.
First of all, I want to tell the birth of corruption. Corruption grows due to excessive love. He paid Rs.200 only because he loves himself too much than the rupee. And firstly think about himself and secure himself safety after filing the report.He well knows that if I am against the bribe and raise my voice on that after great difficulties I won because I am right. And that thing pushes him on the great problem but it may remove that bloody corruption.But he thinks of himself only not about all the other people he chooses to pay Rs.200. He chooses the wrong path because of his love for himself and his family. He didn’t want to put all the family in the problem.

After his situation, I think about the munsi’s situation that he demand the bribe that he want more money and makes his family very happy by that money. And want to give a bright future to that his sons or maybe he also want to collect some money for his family future. And if I think about myself only that there is nothing wrong that anyone thinks about himself first.
I recall a memory that my student life my friend used to do home tuition for pocket money but never demand anything from his friend for teaching his brother.The reason of that thing is that his friend is a little poor and he did not want to make him unhappy to by demanding any money. If there is any neighbour of “munsi” missed his purse then maybe he takes only 100 for the report because he knows him and there is an affection between them.

Now a day we all are thinking about me and me only. Let imagine one man think about only own self then he did not think about anyone happiness and because of this, we have a great chance to choosing the wrong track.
Corruption will minimise when we think that all the people of the universe are our family, if anyone in the universe gets hurt, we should feel that any member of his family got hurt so all the people should not let himself as a part of this world but he should feel that entire world is his family.

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