How to help yourself in adverse condition

Many time in life,we suppose to reach a place where our all desire ruin,due to certain circumstances in our life…In those situation we should never lose our hope about those unfulfilled desire…we should try our level best to over come with the situation….
Now a days we oftenly see people to spoil their life..when they unable to fulfill their desire..I would like to request you…never give up try till posterity.

Everyone in their life meet with uncertain circumstances where they feel themselves lost everything in life at those condition we should try with utmost intension that to fight against of this, because God give us with pleasurefully and see how that person utilize it in different condition if we brust out with ego we oftenly lost the the things in life..

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So ,if u feel yourself in that situations… should try to involve in those kind of things that help you to reach at that position again try yourself to reach the place with utmost land labor and intension….generally we see that people look backward in life got depresse with the past incident occurred with them…if at once you passed with your past life you should never worried for it…because our present makes our future past spoiles the those condition we should our attention to our family member by which we get little relaxment by our past memoris which cause our destructive….

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