You’re Dream Career Path and how you plan to reach there

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Dreams are an important part of our life. We cannot live without food, water and shelter same go with the dreams, it gives us the motive to live. In my opinion, no dreams no life. Most of us want of having a successful career and we had planned out many things how to reach our career destinations but it is not easy to get your dream into reality. You have passed on through many hurdles and then at one time you start to develop a feeling that it is very difficult for you to fulfill your dreams. It is a situation when you actually become helpless but it is not a time to give up, if you get our dream career easily then you will no value of it, what’s the meaning of such kind of success without feeling pain and difficult times.

I have dreamed to do MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. The best institution in India to study Economics. It is just not my dream but it’s my life. I am fond of economics and because of this reason, I have chosen Commerce. Economics’ is all about Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Economic development in India in which we get to know all about the growth and development of our country, demand and supply and reasons of inflation and many more. I want to get admission in DSE Delhi University because the kind of facility available there is great and provide full knowledge of the course and course is designed in such a way that you don’t feel bored, Rattan Tata Library where books by all the great writers are showcased, experienced faculty of teach and guide the students and the conduct of seminars and conferences by the institutions get to know more about the subject.

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It’s not easy to get in the best institute of Economic in India. The main advantage of the institute is that low fees which fit into my budget. I am a single child of my parents does not mean that I should put financial pressure on them. The entrance test is conducted every year to get admission in the year and negative marking in the test is there which makes it’s a tough task to crack. Proper planning should be done to crack the test and get admission in the premier institution. I have to do the planning so that I can get admission and I want to get the admission. I appeared in the exam once but not able to make it. This does not mean the end of my dream. I am working out on the strengths and weakness of the topics as syllabus covered in the test. My failure in the test is due to lack of proper material to study as I have referred only one book, proper practice of the numerical. For the next year, I am working hard as I will not follow my past mistakes and achieve my target.

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