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How to be a good mom or dad? 

Before deciding to have a child, you should judge every aspect of you. Being a good mom or dad is not an easy.

Judge yourself

Before deciding to have a child, you should judge every aspect of you. How do you sit, stand, speak and respond to the situation? Ask yourself, if you were five years old, would you like the person you are and respect him? One more thing you can do is to spend a lot of time with other children before you get your own child, to see if they like you and you like them or not. In this way, you will get to know about many things related to having your own child.

Create the right environment

If you have your child, then all you have to do is create an environment of love, help, and enthusiasm in your house. The fact is that you do not have anything to teach. You have just come to the world a few years ago than your child. You just know a little about the world. So create a happy and blissful environment around your family. You will learn and let your child learn with you.

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Do not make strict rules that you can not obey yourself

How to be a good momDo not teach them rules and regulations that have never worked for you, or which you can not execute on your own. There are some rules in every society. If everyone follows them, then the world will be very different. It is clear that no one follows them, but still, these rules exist because people teach them to their children. And the cycle goes on. Visualize yourself living with the same rules and then only if you feel you can live with them, apply them to your children.

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Give your child emotional protection

Nowadays so many people are heading towards insanity. For example, in European countries, thirty-eight percent of the population is fighting psychological problems. The reason for this is that they did not get good emotional care in the environment they grew up. There is emotional insecurity in them. Talk to your child often. Be emotionally open with them so that they can share any problem with you.

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