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How to choose the perfect ToothPaste

It is said the ‘Perfect toothpaste makes, your teeth clean &gleam’

Being blessed with thirty-two pearly whites aka teeth. These pearly whites are of different shapes& sizes each type being assigned a different function. Our pearly whites help us bite & chew food, help us talk& give shape to our face. These teeth help us give the thousand-watt smile. When our teeth perform several functions for us, it is our duty to maintain and care for them.

If we don’t care for our pearly whites we face dire consequences. Teeth get plaque coated, develop cavities and gum disease. All these problems create physical and mental torture. We have to pay a heavy price for our dental treatment.

Why not care for them properly and prevent ourselves from this torture. Let’s strike the iron when it is hot. A simple daily routine can fix all our problems.

  • Brushing twice a day with a good toothpaste in the right manner can keep all dental problems at bay.

Now the problem arises how to choose the perfect toothpaste?

The market is full of different brands of toothpaste, different colours and flavours. Each brand enticing the customer with claims of cavity protection, gum disease protection, plaque protection, freshness & whitening.

People get spoilt for choices while choosing the perfect toothpaste. A simple rule to follow is the toothpaste must contain 1000 parts per million fluorides in it.

One must take care to buy toothpaste after seeing the label.

Toothpaste types & guidance:

Cavity fighting toothpaste-

Most toothpaste help to fight cavities by removing plaque. But fluoride is an essential component which helps to fight cavities and most toothpaste contains this ingredient. So choose one which contains fluoride it is essential for both adults and children to prevent tooth decay.

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Whitening toothpaste

Brands claim that these toothpaste will whiten the teeth and remove stains. It is a tall claim as these kinds of toothpaste have little peroxide which will clean the teeth. Long term use of these kinds of toothpaste will cause sensitivity. People suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome should stay away from these as these can harm them.

Anti-bacterial toothpaste

These contain an anti-bacterial agent called triclosan which helps in protecting the gums. It helps people with gingivitis or gum disease but is not suitable for others.

Natural toothpaste

These natural or herbal formulations are devoid of fluoride. These contain peppermint oil, aloe, myrrh and are useful for first kids and people with chemical sensitivities. These are safe for such people even if they ingest the paste no harm will come. But are not useful for others as they won’t help much in keeping dental problems at bay.

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Toothpaste for sensitivity

People who experience pain while eating hot and cold things can use this type of toothpaste. Gums recede exposing the root of the tooth and making it sensitive to hot &cold. These toothpastes prevent any kind of stimulus entering the root and causing pain. This toothpaste is not for normal teeth.

Salient points to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect toothpaste

  • Check for fluoride and diabetics should be quite particular about this. Fluoride helps to remove plaque which prevents oral infection which is important for a diabetic. Oral infection in diabetes can create innumerable problems
  • Check for the seal of approval by the dental association
  • Select toothpaste kid’s toothpaste only for your children as these do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate which can cause harm if swallowed
  • Adult toothpaste shouldn’t be used for children as these are abrasive and can erode their enamel
  • Check toothpaste which prevents against tartar build-up
  • Organic kinds of toothpaste are good but being devoid of fluoride isn’t very helpful in preventing tooth decay

A few Indian brands are good for brushing they are-

Colgate– contains fluoride &xylitol which fights against cavities and germs

Sensodyne– a clinically proven brand for sensitivity

Pepsodent– keeps germs at bay and keeps breath fresh with the clove oil present in it

Close up-helps in keeping the breath fresh

Himalaya toothpaste– has herbs and flavonoids which helps to strengthen the gums.

Patanjali dant kanti– ayurvedic herbs keep the mouth fresh and healthy

Vicco vajradanti– keeps gum disease at bay, even can be used post brushing to heal bleeding gums

Meswak-prevents tooth decay

Amway glister– prevents cavities, plaque, keeps breath fresh and helps in tooth re-mineralization

You can pick according to your needs


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