How to Improve Reading Skills?

Reading is a dynamic process in which the reader interacts with the text to construct meaning which he can do by activating prior knowledge, using reading strategies and adapting to the reading situation.

A good reader is a person who can apply reading strategies independently and flexibly. Reading assessments, thus, help in the evaluation of a student’s ability to apply his knowledge and skills to the reading situations which represent those, he encounters in his daily life.
The following tips should be kept in mind for improving reading skills:

  1. One should be selective in magazines, newspapers and trade journals which he subscribes to.
  2. One should figure out the particular section of a publication which is most useful to him. He should read only those and skip others.
  3. If one cannot read all the useful articles
  4. One can utilise his spare time like traveling in a bus or train, waiting in bank lines by reading.
  5. A specific time should be spared and fixed for reading daily when the disturbance is the least.
  6. One should take notes when he is reading a difficult material which should be retained also.
  7. Pause should be there while reading because otherwise the concentration and speed of a person will be adversely affected.
  8. Important information should be maintained by the reader in folders.
  9. If one wants to send some articles to one of his colleagues or friends, he should give their names and addresses to the secretary for correspondence. In the case of a long article, it should be torn, attached with a slip containing the name and address of the person to whom it should be sent and given to the secretary for further correspondence.
  10. One should have everything like a pen, highlighter, notepad etc. before sitting to read.
  11. One should buy a book which teaches how to read faster.
  12. One should tear out the reader service card and circle key number (appropriate) on the card to get more information about the ad/article in the magazine can be scanned.
  13. Use of dictionary should be made.
  14. The main points should be summarised in a few words.

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