Should Successful Entrepreneurs Drop Out From Colleges Share There Success Stories?

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Success should be rated as how much you have studied and what knowledge you have gained from your education. The skills which the person possess should use them correctly without thinking what others will say. Most of the times many successful ideas turn down without reaching the destination you know why?

The reason is that what others will say, to see a dream and to fulfill your dream it’s your desire. Failure is there when you accept it. Don’t start thinking while starting a business what will happen in the future? Will I be able to do it? Several questions come but believe in you and your creativity.
If the following people have given a serious thought to these kinds of silly questions then we won’t have Microsoft and Facebook etc.

Bill Gates– Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft with Paul Allen. He left Harward and got an honorary degree.

Mark Zuckerberg- The most known person to whom all of us know. Founder of Facebook. He got the idea of starting Facebook from The Address Book.The foundation stone of Facebook was kept in 2004 in the Harward Dormitory.

Jack Dorsey– Founder of two buzzing startups Twitter and Square dropped out New York University 1999.

Larry Ellison- The greatest stories from rags to riches in the history. Dropped out from two colleges. In 1977 founded Software Development Laboratory (SDL) later known as Oracle.

If an Entrepreneur decides that he or she does not need a degree to start up a company no one could prevent him or her to share the experiences
It is quite inspiring and motivating and they can lead to an innovative idea for future entrepreneurs. This does not mean the universities are useless and it cannot help you to be creative every one should feel free to study or not. The person should think before taking any step in life.

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