Which social network platform I like and why?

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A social network has become an important part of our life. Most of us like to be active on the social networking sites. Now I am one of them. A few months ago I was registered myself to Facebook. Actually, Facebook is a great social network platform.

It has more than a million users. I will start that internet base discussion. You all will become bored by reading the topic. The main point is that why I like Facebook.

I like facebook because I got my group of school friends. Actually, we were not in touch for 7 years. Is not it surprising? This sounds just like you got your lost one from a Kumbh Mela. Facebook is such a platform on which everybody likes to be active. There are many interesting groups going on. I have become a part of them. I like dogs very much. I have become the part of a Dogs group. Most of the group members are from foreign countries. They post sweet pictures of their dogs. Dogs are so sweet. They bring the best from us.
I want to thank Mark Zuckerberg for his innovative thought process to create Facebook. Facebook has become the important part of my life. We can get in touch with our family, friends and relatives. Go on a video call to more than 50 people. I have not tried the video calling. I will do it do it soon.

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If anyone of you has done video calling on Facebook. Share your experiences with me. Actually, it will help me out.

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I am on a way to create my own page. The page is about to share our feeling and write what we want. I am making some rules that controversial stuff is not allowed. I do not want to be a part of any controversy. I want Simple and sweet stuff on my page. Creative people are most invited.

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I want views from your side. Tell me your great experiences on the social networking platform. I would appreciate the increase in numbers of the writers.

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