The importance of employee satisfaction.

Each individual has its own requirement and his fulfillment of this requirement motivates the person to perform better. So for the success of any organisation, it is very essential that it understands the motivational factor of each individual and plan accordingly.

It is true that each person requires fulfillment of basic needs. But after fulfillment of this basic needs, the guiding force for each employee is different. To some extent, the same emotional factors affect a different person with the different degree of satisfaction level. For same employee the effect of one motivational factor differ from situation to situation. So the understanding of these things is very important from organisational point of view.
Job satisfaction is one of the most important factors that have drawn the attention of managers in the organisation as well as academicians. Various studies have been conducted to find out the factors which determine job satisfaction and the way it influences productivity in the organisation. Job satisfaction is the mental feeling of favourableness which an individual has about his job.

All the successful organisation understands the importance of satisfied employee because the satisfied employee makes the difference for the organisation and their high degree of dedication towards the work, make organisation profitable. That’s why they are trying to develop a system while more and more will get satisfied so they will be motivated and ultimately they ‘ll perform to achieve organisational goal.
Motivation creates job satisfaction and his makes more productive employee and ultimately a successful organisation.


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