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Developing a habit of reading is considered to be a good and useful habit as books are acts as our guides and storehouse of knowledge. Most of us have a habit of reading and from a group of people among us lie to read books daily concerned on our topics of interest. Frankly speaking, I don’t read regularly but sometimes read on weekends. I like to nonfiction basically related to some moral which have deep thoughts and give my life a meaningful change. I don’t follow any particular author but my favorites are Rashmi Bansal and Chetan Bhagat.

I like to share some parts of the writing of my favorite authors.

Rashmi Bansal-She is a renowned author. Alumni of IIM Ahmadabad. In her writings I like the most of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, the book mainly revolves around the group of people who got the management degrees from IIM and there to become successful entrepreneurs.

Chetan Bhagat-A renowned writer and IIM Ahmadabad Alumni. I like the books of him. One What Young India Wants and the one is Making India Awesome. Both of them are great. I have read the books about hundred times. The focus is all about some common issues like Indian Admission System in Colleges; India needs a Messiah for change, Success stories of Man vs. Success Stories of man.

It feels good when I read these kinds of books. Sometimes we can a positive transformation in ourselves. Reading and Watching good things have a positive impact on our mind. It increases our ability to think. We become more capable of our problem-solving techniques. I advise you all pick only those books to read which actually affect a positive impact on our mindset. We react in a way. What we read and learn.

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