Want to get rid of pimples, keep away from these habits

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Today, Pimple is the most common problem in our life. Whereby every second person is upset. A pimple not only ellipses in our beauty but also effect on our personality. Do not clean the face and not wash properly and large amounts of oil, milk, ghee, such as can get acne on your face. Pimple can be the problem of the stomach or digestive system and Take food without routine can be a big problem.

Let us know Ashore Cosmetologist Abhishek Pilani Clinic about the reasons responsible for the acne and how to get rid of pimples:

  1. If you have not washed your face properly or do not clear your face can get acne on your face. So, wash your face gently twice in a day.
  2. Excessive intake of dairy products also comes out pimples, in milk IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) is found, intake of this increase the likelihood of swelling Excessive intake of fried food can close the opening Rome Which can get acne.
  3. Longer talk with a smart phone by your ear bacteria that’s you can not see, enter the skin pores from Rome, Which can get acne so please use earphone during talking.
  4. Some people use to put body lotion on the face, Increases the chances of getting acne. Body Lotion is more butter; always keep face cream on the face.
  5. Do not take sweeter, In sugar, the amount of glycemic is more than more, this can be increased Acne. Avoid intake of sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods so much. Eat nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.
  6. For the acne, In 7 days only once on the head with a towel in front of your face with a pot of hot water and take steam on your face. This opens the face Rome who helps us to remove the acne.

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7. Being in the sun and keep in the more sun light gives us a bad face. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are not good for our skin and our face. You go to places polluted by dust and mud faces this not well for Skin cell. Avoid going these places.

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