Ways to close open pores

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How to close open pores

The large pores of your skin make you feel embarrassed. You can use many things available. This can help you in closing your open pores. You should practice skin care, laser treatment. Try some best home remedies. You can find many things at home that can be useful for your open pores. You need not rush to the market to buy expensive products. Products can that can heal your dry skin.

Successful remedies to close open pores are:

Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes are easily available at home. You can use ice to close the open pores. Rubbing the ice cubes for 10-15 seconds tighten the skin. It makes the pores appear smaller. Apply the ice cubes to clean and washed skin.

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Baking Soda

Mix one-teaspoon baking soda with water and make a paste. You have to apply the paste to the problem areas. Leave the paste to dry for 5-10 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. This can help in minimizing your pores. Baking Soda is useful to fight the signs of acne.

Prepare Egg White Mask

Egg white mask is helpful in tightening the pores. It can make them appear smaller.
Procedure to prepare the Egg White Mask
▷ Take two raw egg whites and mix with ¼ cup of fresh orange.
▷ Apply the mask on your face. Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes.
▷ Rinse your face with warm water.
Orange juice helps in brightening your skin.

Keep Your Face Clean

You should keep your face clean. Pores clogged with dirt and oil. Wash your face in the morning and evening. Use gentle cleanser (Without sulphate) to clean your face. This can help in closing your pores. It can minimize the dirt and oil deposits on your skin.


Exfoliating is useful in removing dead skin cells. It mixes with the oil and dirt and blocks the pores on your skin. Use general exfoliating scrub for a couple of times in a week. There are scrubs with large exfoliating particles that can cause scratches on your skin. You can use chemical exfoliate alpha or beta hydroxy acid. It dissolves in your skin. Chemical exfoliate are gentle.

Use noncomedogenic moisturizer

Moisturizer plays an important role in your healthy skin. It reduces the chances of skin drying. This makes the pores look larger. Look for a noncomedogenic moisturizer that cannot clog the pores. People have sensitive skin. They should stay away from the moisturizer containing colors and fragrances. This can cause irritation on your skin. You should use an oil control moisturizer for an oily skin.

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Steam Treatments

Steam treatments are best to minimize the pores of your skin. This is because the steam opens the close pores and allows the clog dirt and oil to drain away.
How to make a Steam Treatment?
Boil water and pour it into a heatproof bowl. You can add tea tree oil for an acne prone skin.
▷ Place a towel on your head and lower your face over the face. Allow the steam to your face for 10 minutes.
▷ The steam treatment is over. Wash your face with water. Steam does not remove the oil and dirt in a first way. You have to splash water on your face. It can close the pores.

Apply Clay Masks

Clay masks can help in closing the open pores. It reduces the size of the pores by drawing out the dirt and oil. Clay is helpful in reduces bacteria and inflammation. You should select the clay masks according to your skin type. There are different types of clay masks available on the market. Bentonite Clay, Fuller’s Earth Clay and Kaolin Clay masks etc. You should buy the clay mask from a beauty store or local drug store. You should clean your face before applying the clay mask. Leave the mask at least 15 minutes to get best results.

Use Sunscreen everyday

Some people are not aware that UV light damages your skin. Sun damages the collagen that supports your skin. The pores and stretch marks appear larger in the absence of collagen. You can prevent the pores by using sunscreen that contains SPF. It can save you from the harmful sun rays. You spend most of your time outdoors then use the cap and sunglasses. This can protect your sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Don’t squeeze your Blackheads and Pores

It is a bad idea to squeeze your blackheads and pores. If you your blackhead then it transfers bacteria from your fingers and nails. Your blackhead can become a pimple. To remove the blackheads you should use a comedone extractor. It is easily available in the market. You should make the use of the toner daily. This can reduce your pores. Toners make your skin clean. You find the toners to any drug store in your area.

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You should take care of yourself

You should pay attention to your skin. It is important to maintain a good quality of the skin. Drink plenty of water every day. You should include food with rich nutrients in your diet. This is helpful in maintaining the quality of your skin. You avoid taking junk food for an oily skin.

Laser Treatment

A laser is a permanent solution to the large pores. There are different types of laser treatments.This is helpful in tightening your pores. The drawback of the laser treatment is its high cost. You require two to three sessions of the laser treatment.

Conclusion- Pores make you feel embarrassed. This affects your confidence level. Looks are important for a person. You are facing the problem of pores on your skin. You should go for home remedies. It has no side effects. These are simple home remedies. It takes time to heal your open. You find no improvement. You need an immediate solution for your open pores.

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