Why Celebrate – Hindi Diwas?

14 September every year is observed as Hindi Diwas. Today you all of us heard in news and radio but I will not talk about the Origin of Hindi as a language and the history behind it and its status as an official language in the Constitution of our Country. Many competitions, speeches, debate and essay writing competition is organized. Hindi Pakwada is also celebrated in schools and colleges as well as in government offices.

A question raised in my mind that Why do we celebrate Hindi Diwas? There is a need to every time efforts to be made so that we can remember Hindi is our national language and some special day is required to prove that it is special. Tell me we need a special day to make our loved ones feel special because every day is special with them but why this kind of partiality with the national language. Do know why people prefer more to say Hello than Namasthe? Why the Hindi speakers feel shame between the English speaks? Why more respect is given to the English speaker than Hindi? Why such partiality and huge gap?
Many such unanswered questions. Humble request to all tries to find out the answers and try to point where is the issue and make a correction. Even a small change gives birth to a big revolution.
Learning new and doing innovations is not wrong it’s our curious nature which pushes us to learn something new but during the process of learning new things don’t forget your roots from where you have come from. If I am not saying wrong.
Namaste kehne se Jo pyaar aur aapnapan aata hai, Hello se kaha. A famous dialogue I would like you to remind from Sri Devi movie ‘English Vinglish’

“India mein rehkar English na bolne aaye to koi baat nahi paar aagar Hindi na bolne aaye toh Bahut sharam ki baat hai.”

Our country India has rich, diverse culture and heritage where different languages are spoken in different parts of the country and people follow different religions because of the diversity we are similar because we all are Indian and Hindi is our mother tongue.
You tell me where we go what ever we achieve we can forget is a mother.
I hope so the answer will be NO. Hindi is also our mother, there is need of the special day to express love to our mother. Hindi is not only a language- yeh toh hamare desh ka Guarav hai jise Hume aane wali peedyo ke liye sambhalkar rakna hai aur unhee iska mahatav bataana hai.

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