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Motivation Hub Centers

Objectives of Motivation Hub Centers in Schools

To emphasize student/Executive centered learning and the development of all students/executives as effective life-long learners The setting up of MOTIVATION HUB CENTERS allows students/executives acquire appropriate skills, such as planning…

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मोटिवेशन के मायने

ताकत और क्षमता जीतने से नहीं आती। आपका सघर्ष ही क्षमताओं को बढाता है। जब आप मुश्किल दोर से गुजरते हैं और तय कर लेते हैं कि हार नहीं मानेगे,…

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successful in life

How to be successful in life? We will tell you step by step

Each person in the world make a goal to achieve success. After the success of a goal, he immediately makes the second goal and He works hard to get his…

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This Is How Your Feelings Affects Your Work

According to a research letter featured in The Personality and Social Psychology Bulatin, our thoughts affects our feelings and our feelings affects our work. Whenever we think, whatever we think,…

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सिर्फ जिद्धि आदमी ही इतिहास रचता है!

सिर्फ जिद्धि आदमी ही इतिहास रचता है!

केवल जिद्धि आदमी ने इतिहास रचा है इतिहास केवल वहीं आदमी रचता है जिसके मन में कोई जिद आ गई हो। कोई भी संस्था अगर सफल हुई, कोई भी अकेला…

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How to help yourself in adverse condition

Many time in life,we suppose to reach a place where our all desire ruin,due to certain circumstances in our life…In those situation we should never lose our hope about those…

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How to motivate yourself in depression?

In our life there are many situation that break us, because of that we get disturbed. All the routine work affected by those things. In that situation the term “self-motivation”…

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Why any organisation should provide employee training programs?

Training is very essential for all the organization. Each individual irrespective of their qualities and educational background, require some training to make themselves suitable for the particular job. So training…

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How to Choose the Right Career

Finding a career that of satisfaction, fun and of course, a long-termed one is a search end of a long journey. A successful career is not only for rich and…

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