Why any organisation should provide employee training programs?

Training is very essential for all the organization. Each individual irrespective of their qualities and educational background, require some training to make themselves suitable for the particular job. So training provides a basis to understand the requirement to complete the job.

Training is essential not only at the entry level. But it is required throughout the professional life. It’s an ongoing process. Whenever a new responsibility comes before the employee he requires some training to make themselves competent to perform their duty. The importance for the success of the employee and ultimately for the success of the organization is highly accepted by all and that’s why a dedicated training department is created in all organization.

How training play the role?

Increase in Efficiency

Training plays an active role in increasing efficiency of employees in an organization. Training increases skills for doing a job in a better way. Though an employee can learn many things while he is put on a job, he can do much better if he learns how to do the job. This becomes more important especially in the context of changing technology because the old method of working may not be relevant. In such case, training is required even to maintain a minimum level of output.


Increase in Moral of Employee

Training increases moral of employees. The moral is a mental condition of an individual or group which determines the willingness to cooperate. High moral is evidenced by employee enthusiasm, voluntary conformation with regulations, and willingness to cooperate with others to achieve organizational objectives. Training increases employee moral by relating their skills with their job requirements. Possession of skills necessary to perform a job well often tends to meet such human needs as security and ego satisfaction. Trained employees can see the jobs in more meaningful ways because they are able to relate their skills with jobs.

Better Human Relations

Training attempts to increase the quality of human relations in an organization. Growing complexity of organizations has led to various human problems like alienation, interpersonal and intergroup problems. Many of this problem can be overcome by suitable human relations training. Many techniques have been developed through which people can be trained and developed to tackle many problems of social and psychological nature.

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Reduced Supervision

Trained employee require less supervision. They require more autonomy and freedom. Such autonomy and freedom can be given if the employees are trained properly to handle their jobs without the help of supervision. With reduced supervision, a manager can increase his span of management. This may result in lesser number of intermediate levels in the organization which can save much cost to the organization.

Increased organizational viability and flexibility

Trained people are necessary to maintain organizational viability and flexibility. Viability relates to survival of the organization during bad days, and flexibility relates to sustaining its effectiveness despite the loss of its key personnel and making a short-term adjustment with the existing personnel. Such adjustment is possible if the organization has trained people who can occupy the positions vacated by key personnel. The organization which does not prepare a second line of personnel who can ultimately take the charge of key personnel may not be quite successful in the absence of such key personnel for whatever the reason. In fact, there are no greater organizational assets than trained and motivated personnel, because these people can turn the other assets into a productive whole.

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