22 were studying in Super-30 and 26 were qualified

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Against mathematician Anand Kumar, children of Super-30 have started attacking themselves. In 2018, Anand Kumar has claimed to have qualified for JEE Advanced of 26 students of super-30, whereas students studying in their own institute have alleged that only three students have been able to qualify in JEE-Advance. Anand Kumar’s name was made public on the name of Onirjeet Goswami, Suraj Kumar, Yash Kumar and Suryakant. It is a student of a coaching institute located in Suraj Kumar Kota (Rajasthan).

Gagan, who is present with Anand as a Super-30 student in various programs, says that Onyarjeet is a super-30 student, and the other three children came from the second coaching institute after JEE Main. They promised to give them a large amount as scholarship. According to Gagan, Onirjit got 128 points in Advance while Cutoff was 126. Due to poor rank, Onirjit has not been nominated in IIT. In addition, Anupam and Gagan passed in the SC category. Both of these names have not been made public by Anand Kumar.

Assurances to get work done in film

According to the students, Anand Kumar used to say in class that if you are connected to Super 30, you will get a chance to work in the film. According to Anupam, five children had failed in chemistry. The main reason for this was that the teachers of this topic were not the same. In August, many boys decided to leave the coaching, then assured of providing scholarships and teachers soon.

Students of Famous schools were reading in the name of poor

Student Ramkumar told that in the name of poor children, students of renowned schools used to study in Super-30. Shekhar Satyarkar, Aditya Anand, Suraj Khawar were students of Resonance Quota with him. Preet Ranjan is a student of DPS Bokaro and Onirjit Akash Institute. 1 The respect of both is at stake: According to Gagan, all the children were deposited on the day of Advance Result and it was said that this time the result is bad. With this, the respect of students and students is at stake. Dummy rank card will save everyone’s respect. Majority of children protested. Also, the fake list of qualifying candidates was not released.

Charge of forgery

• Mathematician Anand Kumar, who taught himself in the mathematics of Super-30, taught only claims that he was a liar.
• Student of Super-30 made up of Kota and Bhubaneswar children after JEE Main
• Three out of four students turned out to be from another coaching institute
• Two months after JEE advance result, Anand Kumar did not release the list of qualifying students


22 were studying in Super-30 and 26 were qualified.

Gagan said that 23 students were included in super-30 last year. One of them was selected in the NDA. 22 children are connected to Super-30. After JEE Main, 15-20 children were brought from Kota or other coaching institutes of other cities. Aditya and Shekhar were present in both the 2017 and 2018 celebrations, but both of them have not been nominated in IIT. Ramkumar, Arpit, Rajat, Prince Raju, Deepak, Suraj Khabar, Abhishek etc. were the original students of Super-30 who could not qualify JEE Advance. After the result, unsuccessful students in the group of successful students were also placed in front of the channels.

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