How to make money with a blog? Top 5 ways!

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All bloggers like me have a question, how to make money with a blog? And it’s 100% genuine question. Bloggers work hard, spending their time in the creation of articles. There are lots of ways to monetize your blog but I am sharing the best five way to monetize your blog.


I think you must know AdSense, one of the trusted platform. Every blogger wants to monetize their blog with AdSense. You can make money by showing AdSense add on your web pages.

Instant Article

If you are connected to Facebook, you may aware of the Instant article. Facebook is a great platform for social media. You can create your brand page and promote. Apart from this, now you can also make money. Connect your brand page to your web and configure it an Instant article. It has been the first choice in youth.

Uc News

A product of Alibaba. You must have Uc Browser on your smartphone. Alibaba started a program “ UC We Media program”. We media allow you to create the article or you can synchronize it by RSS feed. Best point of this platform is you have to only write. You don’t have to worry about traffic. UC News has about 7 million daily views.

Affiliate Program

If you have a good traffic on your web you can make money by joining the affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Snapdeal, Cuelinks and the likes. Promote and sell their products on your website and earn the good amount.

Add Space

You can sell space on your website. Get add and show their banners. For this, you charge them. I am earning good amount by selling space on my web. It’s only possible when you have good traffic.

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These are the best way to monetize your blog. Now I am sure that you have got the best way of making money and now you are out of asking a question- how to make money with a blog?

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