AUTISM- makes different but not disable

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When I hear the word AUTISM, it reminds me some famous Bollywood movies like TARE ZAMEEN PAR, BLACK, MY NAME IS KHAN and BARFI…

Autism is a NEURODEVELOPMENTAL disorder in which child cannot communicate properly. It is not recognized by single symptom but by a characteristic triad of symptoms-impairment in social interaction, impairment in communication and restricted interest and repetitive behavior. These symptoms begin at the age of 6 months and become established by the age of 2-3 years. Autistic ones have less eye contact and do not have the ability to use simple movements to express them. They have the habit of doing things repetitively like washing hands repetitively; always arrange their toys in a line.

Sometimes, during developmental age even parents couldn’t recognize their autistic child, they start believing that they have given birth to a mentally weak child. As in TARE ZAMEEN PAR movie, Ishan’s father couldn’t understand him and admitted him to the hostel. An autistic toddler is always fond of himself and takes time to learn anything.

People are so much unaware of this disorder that they have the social stigma that autistic child is a mental child; he should be kept separate from the society and should always be under psychiatrist supervision. But through this article, I want to convey my message that every child is special and should be loved equally at least by parents.

Keeping all this in mind, on every 2nd April “WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY” is celebrated. It is an initiative by United Nations to create awareness about autism throughout the world. Various NGOs like Autism Speaks, Light It up Blue, The Power of One March etc. are created. Especially in India, studious children are considered as intelligent, child indulged in other activities like dance, music, painting are considered inferior. This leads to a comparison between two. Parents pressurize their children to study only; in this race, they somewhere forget that everyone has unique qualities. A family should encourage their ward to choose their own path instead of pressurizing.

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Movies storyline is also inspired by real happenings, just by enjoying 3-hour movie; one should not forget the moral behind it. Every child should be accepted by the society whether healthy or disabled after all everyone is God’s creation.

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