Best Budget friendly ideas to make your wedding friendly for kids

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You have planned each thing for your wedding. This includes food, gifts, palace and DJ. What you have done for the kids attending the wedding functions? They are coming to attend your marriage. They should become the part of your marriage. You should think something for the kids. They should not feel bored with the wedding function. It is the common thing. Kids feel bored in the wedding functions. They have advised sitting in the corner.

Here is the budget-friendly to make wedding friendly for the kids:

• Special menu for the kids
I know you have made special menu arrangements for your wedding function. You should include some dishes that are favorites of the kids. Kids are fussy eaters. It is difficult for the parents to make their kids in the wedding functions. Kids love pizza, pasta, noodles and burger. You can add these items to your menu. This can make the kids happy.

Involve kids in the wedding
You should try to involve little kiddies in your wedding. You should give them some responsibility. Make the flower girl or boy and ask them to place cards. The cards should mention the arrival of the bride and the groom. The kids happy and active as they feel they are the part of the marriage.

Hire cartoon characters for kids
You all know that kids love cartoon characters. You can hire famous characters for them. You can have superhero cartoons in the wedding that can make the kids cheerful.

You can arrange some goodies for the kids distribute among them.

• Kids corner
You have planned an indoor wedding, outdoor or destination wedding. You can have a kids’ corner for the kids. Use a space for your wedding place for the kids. You hire a cartoon artist, tattoo artist and some fun games. This can involve the kids in your wedding functions.

Conclusion- Best Budget friendly ideas to make your wedding friendly for kids
These are the best ideas that can make your wedding best for the kids. This can make you happy when you see the kids cheerful and involve in your marriage. They should become the part of happiness and sweet memories.

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