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Our lives revolve around social networking sites. You want to build up an image. This is so because to attract more followers to your profile. You have a rocking profile picture on your profile. Now think whats next. It is a good caption.

The caption of your profile shows your creativity. It reveals how you present yourself to other people.

The best captions for an Instagram bio are as follows:

Always give your 100%………………………….except donating blood.
• Stop the spinning Earth. I won’t get off.
• Not to worry if Plan A fails. There are 25 more letters in the alphabet
• Nothing goes right. Turn to the left
• Die with sweet memories. Not dreams
• I am jealous of my parents. Never have a cool kid as me.
• Do not laugh at the choice of your wife. You are one of them
• CGPA is available for adoption-can’t raise it myself
• I wake up. No change in me.
• Only survivors exist in life.
• Time flies………………….when you hit the snooze button.

• It is just AWESO. Without me.
• Three things for a true relationship: Eyes not cry, Lips not lie and Love not die.
• Devoted readers. Evil thinker. Passionate Student. It is me.
• I do not make mistakes. Just date them
• I think. Why am I single?
• No elevation to success need to take stairs
Smile is a precious gem never lose it
• Good friends are blossom of flowers, fragrance unforgettable
• Way from Least Access to Maximum Success
• Character of the person is the real beauty, not the face
• You live only once
• You respect yourself first, then others respect you
• Welcome new idea which brings new opportunities
• Relationships Don’t die naturally, They are murdered by Attitude
• Special time is not important, Time taken out for special people is important
• Tired in believing your destiny, Now try to believe in yourself

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• Earlier they shout my name, now they whisper my name
Try to forgive, not forget
• Escape the ordinary
• It will be always you
• I’m not perfect when needing me always with you
• No one can replace best friends
• I don’t need any approval to be me
• I’m proud of myself and loves me the most
• Bad memories: flush out press delete button in your memory

Conclusion: Captions for an Instagram
I am in full confidence. Why I am so Confident? The reason is these Instagram captions will make your profile the best. It will get a large number of followers. Remember one thing use the captions that suit your personality. You can use the captions for Facebook, Twitter or Whats App profile.

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