Confusion- Leads to Clarity

Confusion means no clarity what to do and what not to do. I think if I am not wrong most of us has gone to the phase of confusion no clear ideas. All of us come across many situations in our life when we are totally puzzled but sometimes what get clarity but most of the times due to our shy nature we are not able to share our doubts.

Is it so? If I am not wrong. There is nothing to feel bad. God has given all of us some strength and weakness, if we all have everything in or the best then we will become a god. Sometimes situations come when we have double thoughts in our mind regarding no one is asking the doubt and you have the doubt and you will ask your doubt everyone will on laugh most of the students face the situation. I won’t ask them that you didn’t share your doubt with your teachers or parents so that it does not trouble you in the future. Our shy nature can invite great trouble to us.

I want to share with you an incidence. I need extra hard work to score marks in Maths. I took coaching for my graduation exams for Maths and sir explained a question to us in the class and after the class I went back home revised I was struck in the questions not able to understand then I next day in the class with no hesitation I asked sir to explain the question once again, sir asked the class if anyone has doubt in the question I was the only person who had doubt but was 100% sure to get cleared my doubt from sir, he explained me two to three times at one point. I was getting the concept how it is being applied in the question. Sir asked other students that anyone of them can explain why this concept is being applied on a particular step to the question, had no answer, because I was not shy and with no second thoughts in my mind asked to doubt my confusion got sorted and I got clarity and ability to score good marks in Maths. If I would think about my classmates that they will make fun of me for asking such a silly question then I would have good marks? not at all and then they would have come to support me.

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Any kind of decision like which stream to choose for study, job, marriage etc. It is good to be confused because when we are confused we are working to get clarity.

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