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Until a few days ago, it seemed that summer is the time to come yet. But suddenly the heat of the sun has started to burn the people. The impact on our skin also has to be seen. The sky is beginning to try. When your skin is going to adapt to changing climate then it becomes difficult for it to adapt to seasonal changes.

Skin disease specialist Dr. Dilip Hemnani explains that it is necessary during the climate change that your skin should be safe by Cleansers and a good moisturizer. Skin of the face is more sensitive that Compared to other parts of the body. So they are in need of extra care. Keep in mind that Choosing the right product and the product’s ingredients, you can get the clean and soft skin.

They said that Moisturizer of skin is important to keep in the winter. In the winter, the moisture of the skin becomes dry and loses it.

So, put the moisturizer contains minerals oils on your skin and make it soft and hydrated. Member of the Indian Association of Dermatology Hemnani said,” Magical traits is in mineral oil. Who makes it skin-friendly and help to recover lost properties? Oil is non-reactive and easily be mixed with any other product. Therefore, oils are widely used in these cosmetic and beauty products. It is necessary to save various skin diseases and moisturize skin.

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Tips for skin protection:-

  1. At the time of purchasing soap, you should purchase soap pH value of between 5 to 5.5.
  1. One thing to keep in mind that you do not dry completely after bathing body but wipe it light. To maintain moisture, Use a good Moisturizer cream.
  1. We often forget that this thickness of the skin on the body is different in different places that are why its solution be different.
  1. You should also put moisturizer in the night.
  2. Arms and legs produce less oil, therefore they frequently require Moisture.
  1. Dry your body, to maintain your skin soft, flexible and young you should use mineral oil-based body lotion.
  1. Leg becomes rough and dry in winter. Moisturizer is important to them and to exfoliate.
  1. Take apart mineral oil and two-part glycerin, Keep putting it all night. It will hydrate the skin, smooth and soft.

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