Facebook Addiction: signs that you’re addicted to social media

If you are on this site, you probably already heard of the not-so-new Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).

Do you have a Facebook addiction?

Like with any other addiction, there are a few signs which can help us diagnose this so called FAD. Let’s take a look at them together, in this article.

  • You have a high Facebook Tolerance. In other words, you need to stay on their site more and more in order to get the same pleasure. When you subscribed, you used to access your account a few times per week, at most. Now, you cannot stay offline. Even after you close your computer, you log in from your mobile device and have alerts set up to let you know about new posts or messages. You feel a real need to be online.
  • You withdraw from the real life, as we know it, and prefer to stay on Facebook instead. Facebook is your second, or maybe even first home. You say Good morning and Good night to your friends. You post status updates when you do stuff and you check in from the places you are visiting. Basically, instead of enjoying life, you post about it. For instance, let’s say you are in a beautiful place, in nature, with chirping birds, running water and so on. Instead of enjoying that unbelievable atmosphere you take a picture, upload it to your Facebook account and post a new status update. Then you will start chatting with your FB friends about how nice that place (picture!) is.

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  • You see, someone smart (Korzybski) once said: The map is not the territory. And he sure was right! The picture is not the same as a reality you can enjoy with all your senses!  Put away the technology and enjoy life! It is so short!

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At some point in time, you realize that it is too much. You start to see it as an addiction and you think about quitting Facebook. Maybe you will even do it. But.. what then? What to do with so much free time?

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