Innovative teaching pedagogy for the preschoolers

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Small children who have just started going to school, lack interest in going to school. Teachers need to an extra effort so that to develop an interest in learning among the children.

Teaching the bookish material is relevant while imparting education but it is also necessary to build up a strong bond with the students so that students and teachers develop a friendly relationship so to have a better learning experience. The use of computer techniques and smart classes, nowadays are available to teach about different topics and have a good quality of sound and animation techniques which creates an interest in learning. Teachers should try to develop skills among the students and motivate them by organising the competition and appreciating a large number participation. Children are like clay mud the shape we will give they will take that shape only. Try not to shout or beat the students it is not desirable for the teacher to do. Be calm and patience and guide the students to the mistakes. Special training programmes should be organised for the preschool teachers to guide them about the behavior and conduct of the class so that it is easy for them to conduct the class nicely with no chaos.

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Teaching is considered a noble profession which gives birth to all the professions. The teachers have a great responsibility on their shoulders to bring out the best among the students. They have to give shape to the minds of the children. Guide the students about good and bad. Teachers have to use innovative technologies to make the students understand the topic.

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Come up with interesting and innovative ideas for small school going kids. So that their early years of education are interesting for them. They can learn the best from them. Which will be useful for them in the future.

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