International Women’s Day: History of Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Do you know that when it was celebrated the first time? It was celebrated first time in 1909 and it began to celebrate with the United Nations since 1975. Expressing respect, appreciation and love for women in different areas of the world this day is celebrated as a celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements. This day also reminds that how women achieved the status of crossing many social and other obstacles and Are constantly doing? Today’s women are ahead in every field but this was not the case in the past. The kind of freedom that we see women today, they were not before. Neither could they read or get a job, nor did they have the freedom to vote.

How International Women’s Day Begins and lets’ talk about something special about it:

1909: This day was celebrated on February 28 in America for the first time. The Socialist Party of America selected this day to honor the Garment Workers strike in New York in 1908 So that on this day women can register their protest and demand for lesser work hours and better pay scale.

1913-14: Women’s Day emerged as a symbol of resistance to the war. Russian women celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time on the last day of February and registered resistance to the First World War. In Europe, women made rallies to support Peace Activists on March 8.

1975: United Nations begins to celebrate this day on March 8. 1975 was the first year when International Women’s Day was celebrated.

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2011: Former US President Barack Obama called in March to be the historic month of women. He devoted this month completely to the efforts of women, to give their respect and the size of important shapes to the history of the country.

Well, tell that this is the theme of International Women’s Day is “Be Bold for Change” That is, be empowered to make changes. This campaign calls for people to Work for a better world. In which everyone else should be included in gender discrimination.

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