This is the place, Where womens never take bath.

It is running the Month of February. It Is bitterly cold at this time. A lot of people avoid taking bath every day in such weather. Well, taking bath daily is a very good habit but You may surprise That habit of every day taking bath harms us. Yes, This is true. But Some Doctors say That Taking Bath is A Good habit And it is Good For health.

But Behind Taking Bath is A Shocking Facts?

Many people love to take bath daily because of cleanness and it’s necessary to take bath but you know? There is a Place in Africa Where Women never take bath in their whole life.

It is said that For Good Health and Better Body We should take bath daily. By The Doctors, Taking bath daily is good for health. But we are you going to tell you that type of customs and traditions You will be shocked after reading this.

In The Africa, Women of the province Kounen at Namibia Never take bath in his life.Yet Africa’s women are considered beautiful. Let me tell you that there are 50,000 people live In the Humba tribe of Kounen province.

That woman of Himba Tribe known as Africa’s Most Beautiful Women. You will be shocked to know that They are not allowed to take bath. Not only this, These women are not allowed to wash their hands with the water.In spite of this, its own special way of keeping themselves clean.

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Women Of Himba Taking a bath by the herbs boiled in water and the smoke keeps themselves fresh.They use it to avoid their body odor. By Using This, if you will Never take bath good Smell comes from your body.

other than this, Those Women Protect themselves from the Sunlight by using fat of Animal. They use Hematite To make a Lotion To protect them from Dust. This Lotion protects Them from the Insects. This Woman’s known as Red Man.

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