Your smartphone can take your life. Read some cases.

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We all use a Smartphone. Sometimes in The car, Sometimes on the bike, Sometimes in the home and Sometimes we are walking on the road but We always use mobile. Today we see most people spend there more than more time on their smartphones. During this, we see the video, spend time on Social Media, chatting, play games and listen to music do this type of work.

But Use Much More Smartphone, can be dangerous for us. Yes, Continuous use of a smartphone, When it changes to a phobia then many types of accidents happen in our life. So Let’s Read, We are going to tell you that the accident was happened due to Smartphones.

1. Usually, People busy on their smartphones so much, they don’t know what is happening around them. The same happens on Christmas Day in 2015 with Joshua Burwell, Who went to visit a San Diego’ Tourist Point. Other, He was also clicking a selfie and posting them on social media. This, They forgot that they entered in the Danger Zone and Suddenly They fall in 60 Ft. Pit and died.

2. Usually, When Our Mobile was On silent mode or Vibrate Mode then it’s hard to find the mobile because often We forget our smartphone anywhere in the home. Today, Tracking Of smartphone Features comes in the market. Because of this tracking system in February 2016, A boy died. Actually, Here is a young man living in the area Birmingham, His smartphone was stolen. He tried to find out through a mobile tracking system for his stolen mobile. Then He Finds, His mobile is showing to Behind of nearest Church. When He Reached to take his stolen mobile then Thief is sitting in his Car. when Boy asked for his mobile then Theif Shooted Him and Boy Died.

3. Often, We see Many people use their mobile during high-speed Cars. Many Times People use their mobile as well as chatting during driving. In August 2010, A Place Missouri in America, A Big Accident happened by a Person because he is using his mobile phone while driving. Trying to save this person, A school bus bumped into another School Bus. 2 Children Died at The accident spot and 38 children injured during the accident.

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4. Apart from this Accident, We can see many types of Accidents in our daily life. What happens During The use of mobile while charging.


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